Smart case management and dispute resolution for courts and tribunals

As a court or tribunal you can manage and track cases more easily, remotely and fairly. Let your clients resolve their legal disputes themselves through a guided, streamlined process.
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Reduce overwhelming caseloads

Cases are managed by clients themselves. So court and tribunal staff only get involved when they really need support.

Give clients a better, faster and cheaper experience

When clients manage and resolve their own disputes with less court intervention, they avoid costly legal fees.

Leverage a platform with AI smarts at its heart

Our AI builds algorithms from case law and existing case data to better predict outcomes and adapts to changes in law and regulation.

Track your cases in real time. Automation means there's more time to focus on the important things.

Put dispute resolution in the client's hands

Clients are guided through an easy, step-by-step dispute resolution process so they can resolve their legal disputes themselves, quickly. Our AI suggests an outcome to the client based on case data tailored for your jurisdiction, so they know what to expect.

Real people, real cases

Settle has been prototyped using real case data and real clients. We're currently working with clients to launch this new generation of online dispute resolution technology.

Smart, modern web technology

Settle features AI-powered recommendations, combined with a customisable API that can integrate existing user data with user support from our tech team.

Justice innovation projects developed with help from our valued partners

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